Luxriot Evo Global

Luxriot Evo Global is a complete surveillance ecosystem solution for enterprises of any size, even those distributed across multiple sites. The software was designed with the core of Luxriot VMS, which quality has been proven worldwide over the last decade. The new version of the software, Luxriot Evo Global, is not only offering 64-bit speed and all the necessary tools for setting up an absolute situational alertness system aimed to respond quickly to events but also introduces a central server governance hierarchy of all the components.

This is one of the most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions on the market, featuring interactive maps linked to alarms; an advanced event and action manager; analytics tools; video wall support and other components you will definitely appreciate. To ensure the safety of your data, the software also offers edge recording for synchronising all data with IP devices storage, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring and failover, which will reduce the disruption of your video surveillance recordings to zero. All this, plus various customisation possibilities and Luxriot’s flawless technical support, makes Luxriot Evo Global a video surveillance solution you can count on.


Key Features

64-bit core

No more limitations on application level — make use of the full capacity of your hardware with Luxriot’s Evo 64-bit core

Video Wall

Get the most out of your video wall in the control room. Luxriot Evo Video Wall offers improved configuration and functionality, as well as the ability to easily manage large-display installations. It is vital for operating large-scale video surveillance systems, especially where the ability to easily examine the area and quickly react to alarm events is essential.

Video Content Analysis

Exploit the full potential of your video surveillance system with video content analysis. Not only does it improve the functionality of your surveillance, the ability to analyse large amounts of data to determine a specific pattern for the exact task also increases security and safety and is useful for many other areas of your enterprise, like HR and marketing.

Advanced Event and Action Manager

Determine how the software reacts to any event caught on camera and how it turns them into an automated process. Send emails, activate DI/DO, interact with any other software or just bring the attention of the operator to the camera that requires their immediate action.

Streaming Server

Get permanent access to live streaming and archive video, no matter where you are in the world. Luxriot EVO’s streaming server allows quick and easy access to your cameras via web browser and/or mobile application.

Edge Recording

Synchronise all your data with IP device storage. By doing this, even if the network connection with any camera is lost, your data will still be recorded by the camera. It will be transferred in full to your server as soon as the network connection is re-established.

Advanced Health Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse of all of your hardware, minimising the risk of inconvenient surprises, and control the state of the whole video surveillance system.

Organization Hierarchy

The functionality allows the construction of a more structured hierarchy of system rights and privileges among users within an organisation. The group’s administrator (or sub-admin) rights are also specific for each group, thus valid only for the chosen scope of cameras and servers.


Automated recovery of your system in the event of a sudden server failure. Luxriot Evo Global carefully tracks operations of all servers, and, if it is detected that any of the servers have failed, it quickly activates a spare server to perform the actions that the malfunctioning server was performing prior to failing.


This all-inclusive visual overview provides a complete examination of the entire installation of cameras, providing an immediate visual verification. All the alerts are integrated with the maps and can be set up so that they can be viewed on the overview as well — you are able to immediately specify the location of the alarm event.


Enjoy full use of the multicast environment, transmitting to different destination devices (both servers and cameras). The functionality allows for fully integrated work with large enterprise environments using Active Directory or LDAP technology.

Archive replication

Make your local recording server into a buffer server. In large enterprises, this allows for convenient local usage and scheduled or constant data transfer to Central Data Center, whenever the network is available.

Integration and API

Make your local recording server into a buffer server. In large enterprises, this allows for convenient local usage and scheduled or constant data transfer to Central Data Center, whenever the network is available Client Kit.


Monitor Live

Monitor Playback

Alarm & Action Manager

Luxriot EVO Components

Luxriot Evo Monitor

Monitor live video and archives using this Luxriot Evo application.

Luxriot Evo Console

Console allows administration of your Luxriot Evo server from anywhere in the world.


Active health monitoring application that makes sure that your system stays stable.

Luxriot Evo Server

Luxriot Evo Server application that also includes streaming server.

Setup Wizard

User-friendly Setup Wizard that allows quick and easy installation and configuration of Luxriot EVO software.

EVO Global Modules

Add-on modules supported by Luxriot Evo S

Luxriot LPR Module

Luxriot LPR is software for detecting, recognising and registering vehicle license plates.

Luxriot FR Module

Luxriot Face Recognition is a biometric application that is designed to work with Luxriot VMS Server and Luxriot Evo S/Global Servers.

Luxriot VCA Module

Luxriot VCA is a real-time video analytics engine that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence.

Luxriot API Modules

Luxriot offers customizable integration with other software systems in two forms: Luxriot VMS Client Kit software development kit (SDK) and cross-platform Luxriot HTTP API.

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