Milesight Video Content Analysis (VCA) is an embedded application package for the Milesight Network Camera range which enhances the performance of the cameras through 8 detection modes including region entrance, region exiting, advanced motion detection, tamper detection, line crossing, loitering, human detection and people counting.

Region Enter

To protect a special area from the potential threat of a suspicious person or an object. An alarm will be triggered when a person enters a restricted region.

Region Exit

Make sure that any person or object won’t exit the area that is being monitored. Any exit of person or objects will trigger an alarm

Advanced Motion Detection

This function will pick up any suspicious movement and trigger an alarm while filtering out “noise”, such as lighting changes, natural leaves/trees movement, etc. The sensitivity can be configured to detect various movements according to specific requirements. Protect a specific area from the potential threat of suspicious person’s or objects. An alarm will be triggered by enabling region entrance on the selected regions.

Tamper Detection

Used to detect possible tampering like the camera being obstructed, moved or broken.

Trip Wire/Virtual Fence

An event will be triggered every time  the camera detects an object crossing a defined virtual line


When an object is loitering in a defined area for a specific period of time, an alarm will trigger.

Human Detection

When enabled the camera will be able to detect if a human is in the image or not, It will also follow and show the track of all humans in the frame.

People Counting

People Counting is able to count how many people enter or exit during a period.

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